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"A fascinating, engaging set, you have to have no pulse whatsoever not to enjoy this. Killer stuff genetically engineered to blow your mind completely."


Midwest Record


"The concept of this recording seems to be relating the two musical forms, (Choro and jazz) to create a conceptual album that embraces both African American jazz roots and Brazilian roots. The flowering offspring is both artistic and innovative."


Musicalmemoirs’s Blog


"Pompeo wondered what choro might sound like today had it evolved like jazz. The answer is in the swirling rhythms and contrapuntal craziness of Que Descaida, his self-released gem in which he blows some righteous bari and soprano sax plus clarinet."


Rant 'n' Roll by Mike Greenblatt 


“Janeiro 15 is an outstanding example of Mr. Pompeo’s writing brilliance. The track features a visceral melody that moves in so complicated a line that it always feels as if the protagonist will trip on its quarter and sixteenth notes, then falter and fall never to get up again. But Mr. Pompeo is also an incredible master of the reeds and woodwinds family and he sails almost nonchalantly through the parabolic gambol of its melody."


World Music Report by Raul da Gama

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